Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update on our Journey

So everyone...we all have been working like worker bees to get this project done!
The inside is almost complete but we are going to have you wait until opening day to see...sorry :(
The outside is our next job and we got a good start on it this week...

Here we have started pulling off the vinyl siding and voila...we found some of the original architecture...

and the drainage goes in.....      
                                          and the siding colour!!              

So hopefully this week....we will see a big change on the outside of the building!

We are on the countdown! 
We are still open at the original Old Tin Shed until June 12th at 4pm.....then we close until we re-open at 25 Sherbourne St N in Bancroft on June 18th!
There is still lots and lots to do yet... so off we go again!

June 18th....the big reveal!
See you there!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Journey to our New Location!

Come follow us on our journey to create THE OLD TIN SHED in our new location at 25 Sherbourne St N. (follow hwy 28 toward hwy 62...large white church on your left -or reverse from the other direction!)

PLUS, we are still having our annual SIDEWALKLESS SALE UNDER THE TENTS starting May 20 and running til we can't do it anymore!